Santa Believes in CHRISTmas
Santa Believes in CHRISTmas...
takes place on Christmas Eve. Little Sarah, believes that Santa Claus is the greatest person who ever lived. She visits the mall with her mother who is finishing last minute shopping. It is at the mall that little Sarah discovers, from the shopping mall Santa himself, that Santa is not greatest. In fact, Santa explains, Jesus is the greatest person ever. CHRISTmas is really about Jesus!
This full-color book is perfect to keep the proper perspective of CHRISTmas before children. Read it with your children, grandchildren,Sunday School class, or for a children's story at your church's Christmas Eve service.

With the current American culture constantly undermining the reality of Christmas as a Christian celebration in favor of a secularize holiday children need this book. With Santa Believes in Christmas you can keeping the focus on Jesus.

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A bit of history

Dennis Henderson is an evangelical pastor who originally wrote and illustrated Santa Believes in CHRISTmas to be read at the Children’s Sermon time on the Sunday before Christmas in the year 2012. The story was received so well that members of the congregation requested copies of it although it was not published. Pastoral duties kept him too busy to finalize a copy for publishing until now.

The original driving force for both writing, illustrating, and publishing this story was sadly seeing at checkout lines in the stores only secular children’s book about Santa (Saint Nicholas) and Christmas. There had to be a way to restore the true historical roots of Christmas and Saint Nicholas to our secular culture. The goal of this first children’s book is to begin de-secularizing Santa in our culture by putting Jesus first.

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The book is great! The day I got it in the mail I had three 10 year old granddaughters for the night and read it to them. They Loved It! Thanks,
--Karen F.

For many parents and grandparents the Christmas season brings an accompanying tension —to celebrate Santa Claus or the Christ child’s birth. Dennis Henderson provides an ingenious story to address and ease this tension in his children’s book Santa Believes in Christmas! This bedtime (or any time) storybook begins with something that appeals to children—Santa Claus and gifts. However, the main character shares an interesting twist with Santa’s response, as he assures his admirer that Christ is the greatest gift of all. This children’s book will be a great discussion starter for those who want to influence young lives!
--Dale Peterson, author—Leave a Well in the Valley

This is a wonderful book to share and discuss with young children what is truly important and keep Christ in Christmas. Thank You!
--Nancy P.

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